Rice Genome Annotation Database

The Rice Genome Annotation Project Database provides high-quality gene annotation for the rice genome.

Rice Genome Browser

The most popular feature of the Rice Genome Annotation Database project is the Rice Genome Browser.

Genomic Tools for Sweetpotato (GT4SP) Improvement Project

Links to the Gates Sweetpotato Genomics Project.

Potato Genome Variation

NSF Potato Genomics Project focused on the role of genome heterozygosity, copy number variation, and allelic variation on fitness.

Sweetpotato Genomics Resource

Develop genome resources for improved breeding efficiencies in sweetpotato.

Spud DB Potato Genomics Resource

Spud DB provides a robust resource for the potato genome and potato breeding.

Mint Genome Project

Search for mint transcript alignments, gene predictions, and more.

Medicinal Plant Genomics Resource

Transcriptome and genome data for 14 medicinal plant species.

Joint Genome Institute

DOE Joint Genome Institute high capacity genome sequencing facility.

Maize Genomics Resource

The Maize Genomics Resource provides access to publicly available transcriptomic data for the reference maize inbred, B73, as well as full length cDNA alignments to facilitate gene annotation.

Plant Resilience Institute

The mission of the PRI is to enhance plant resilience to environmental challenges including extremes in weather and climate change becoming a “Center of Excellence” for foundational and translational plant research aimed at increasing the productivity and quality of food and energy crops.

MSU Links

Michigan State University

Overall activities and information on MSU.

Department of Plant Biology

Home of the Plant Biology Department at MSU.

Genetics Graduate Program

Home of the Genetics Graduate Program at MSU.

Plant Breeding, Genetics and Biotechnology Program

Home of the Plant Breeding, Genetics, & Biotechnology Graduate Program at MSU.


Interfacing Computational & Plant Sciences at MSU.

MSU AgBioResearch

AgBioResearch at MSU.