BioPoplar: A tunable chassis for diversified bioproduct production

This project will yield poplar chassis with multipurpose uses including bioenergy, biomaterials, and bioproduct production. The generation of a robust cell-type-specific set of transcription factors and cisregulatory elements, the ability to modulate gene expression in a high-resolution manner, i.e., that of specific cell types, will enable precision genome engineering of metabolism, a significant advancement in our capabilities in modulating plant biochemistry. The change in architecture will be exploited to permit production of bioproducts (drop-in fuel precursors in leaves), biomaterials (modified wood composition) in wood, as well as changes in agronomic production practices such as increased stand density leading to increased yield. Collectively, these engineered chassis and tools provide the platform of a new era for poplar biology, agronomy, and processing.
UGA TODAY Research team receives $15.8M to modify poplar for bioproducts